Why now is NOT the time for Social Distancing!

Ok…wait, before you send that email telling me how irresponsible I’m being by telling people NOT to social distance, I’m not referring to standing 6 feet apart in the supermarket or at Home Depot. I’m talking about your business efforts to stay engaged on social media during the time of COVID-19.

The reason it’s so important is that there has been a huge increase in people on the major social platforms since the Corona Virus hit the US in March. According to Forbes and Kantar Media, a study of 25,000 consumers across 30 markets showed engagement increasing 61% over pre-pandemic usage rates. Facebook reported growth of almost 6 million active users from February to March and Instagram increased by over 2 million.* That’s HUGE. Not only are there more people spending more time online, the times that they are online have changed due to the pandemic which means you have to adapt to when your business posts to get the largest audience.

So why is this important to you as a business owner and how can you use social media channels to stay connected and come out stronger on the other side of Covid-19?

1 – There is less competition!

Influence Marketing Hub surveyed 237 national brands in May and 74% say that they are posting less on their social media channels than before the pandemic. Less competition means now is the time to grow your share of the market.

2 – Stay connected

Being active on social media channels will allow you to stay connected with your existing customer base, keep your brand front and center, increase engagement, and strengthen your relationships with your existing customers. PLUS, you can always attract NEW customers. (remember there are more people online) One of the most important things is that the use of any social media channel gives you a chance to be there for your audience. You are most likely struggling, and they are too. Staying connected lets them know your real and you care.

3 – Remember social media is a 2-way street.

It’s not just about you putting your message or ad out in the social media ether, is about you connecting with your audience. Reply to engagement like comments or private messages and do it QUICKLY. Studies show that businesses that respond to comments (even likes) on social media reap much greater benefits (more business) than those that remain silent.

So now is the time to review your social media strategy and engagement. If you need help, we are there for you. Go to WAYNationSolutions.com to see how we can help your business or organization take advantage of social media and much more.