What is a Google Ad Grant…and how to get one

What’s better than free? How about getting $10,000 worth of Google Ads? Yep, you read that correctly! If you are a non-profit, the Google Ads Grant is a no-brainer for your organization.

What is the Google Ads Grant?

The Google Ads Grant is money available for nonprofits to run ads on Google for free. Now when someone searches “homeless shelters near me” or “volunteer opportunities near me” your nonprofit will be at the top of the search page. This will enable people who are interested in your mission to find you in search results locally and globally! Using search keywords, you can increase your website traffic and connect with the most interested people in your Nonprofit.

The Google Ads Grant is similar to Pay Per Click ads. These don’t include display ads, just word ads. When you search for something in Google, you’ll usually find the top two or three results are labeled as ads. That is what yours will look like!

For large corporations with hefty marketing budgets, paying big bucks for ads on Google is not a concern. For nonprofits, though, it can oftentimes be much harder to justify spending significant capital on advertising. The Google Ads Grant provides a way to access this powerful technology at no cost to your organization!

Not only do you get free clicks to your website, but you also gain access to in-kind advertising that allows you to simultaneously target your ideal client and multiply your impact. Get more donations, promote upcoming events, enlist more volunteers, and increase awareness of your organization!

How to get started with the Google Ads Grant?

Since Google is giving away $10,000 worth of ads, they understandably take the sign-up process pretty seriously.

Here are some things that are must have to be able to apply for the grant:

  • Hold a valid 501(c)(3) charitable organization status
  • Have a functional website
  • Be in the Google for Nonprofits program
  • Here are the steps to get started with the grant:

Register as a nonprofit on Techsoup to verify your charity status

  • Join Google For Nonprofits
  • Set up your Ads Account
  • Enroll in the Ads Grant Program
  • Submit Account For Review

What are the guidelines for using the Google Ads Grant?

There are several things to take into consideration when applying for the Google Ads Grant. Keep in mind that you will need to regularly optimize your account so you don’t risk losing the grant or having to reapply. The following are just a few of the requirements:

  • You must maintain a minimum of 5% CTR
  • Keywords must have a quality score above 2
  • No single keywords are allowed. (“donate”) It needs to be specific to your mission.
  • Must have conversion tracking set up through Google Ads or Google Analytics
  • Must have 2 ads per ad group
  • Must have 2 ad groups per campaign
  • Must have 2 site link extensions per ad

For a full list of program policies, visit the Ads Grant Help page.

How we can help?

Imagine being able to level up your marketing strategy with $10,000 of advertising at no cost to your organization. No more imagining because this is something your Nonprofit can utilize right now! We will manage and optimize your Google Ads Grant for your nonprofit to make sure you get the most out of your campaign.

WAY Nation Solutions is here for you and ready to help you! Contact us today.