The Secret Weapon for Political Advertising in 2020

What is the Secret Weapon for Political Advertising in 2020?

It’s Addressable Geo Fencing for Political Campaigns

What is Addressable Geo Fencing?

It’s the TARGETING of Direct Mail with the POWER of Digital

So here is how it works, we will upload a list of street addresses of registered voters that you provide into our platform.

Those households are automatically converted to Geo Fences based on plat lines.

We can then deliver Targeted Digital Ads via Display, Video, or OTT.

The match rate exceeds 92+ percent with an average of 3.5 cross-matched devices per address.

Why Addressable Geo Fencing?

•Addressable Geo Fencing will cost a fraction of what radio, television, and newspaper advertisements do.

•In fact, with up to 80% of traditional media failing to reach your target market of registered voters in your district, consider how effective it will be to get the right message in front of the right audience at the right time.

•Your ads reach the exact target audience (and only your target audience) so you have ZERO wasted budget.

Addressable Geo Fencing enables a much higher contact frequency than direct mail, television, radio, or newspaper.

Addressable Geo Fencing Reinforces Your Campaign Messaging

When you combine physical mail with Addressable Geo Fencing, the channels feed off of each other and provide a higher overall response rate. We can serve ads to your physical address list with Addressable Geo Fencing and serve ads to mobile phones, tablets, and laptops in those homes before your direct mail reaches their mailbox.

When your Digital ads match your direct mail piece, it drives your message home and creates synergy between the two channels.

Tracking your Success

Getting your message out to potential voters is only the first part of any Addressable Geo Fencing Campaign.

The second half is tracking how many people respond to your ad.

On election day, we will add conversion zones around polling locations within your district.

This will track the number of those who were delivered an ad and then visited one of the polling locations on Election Day, helping to gauge the impact that the Addressable Geo Fencing campaign had on voter turnout.

Here is a Case Study on how Addressable Geo Fencing literally won an election for a local Circuit Court Judge.

Interested in using the powerful secret weapon in the General Elections this Fall?

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