The Eight Questions that Your Website Must Answer within 10 Seconds

That’s right….you have about 10 seconds to make a strong impression on a first-time visitor to your website. What are the 8 questions that your website MUST answer in those supercritical 10 seconds?

What Are You Selling?

First and foremost, they’ll want to immediately know what product or service you are offering.

The instant they land on your website, this should be abundantly clear…and there should be absolutely zero guesswork involved.

Why Should They Care?

After establishing what you offer, your website visitors will have an even more pressing concern.

How will it improve their lives and solve whatever pain points they are currently experiencing?

In other words, what is in it for them and why should they care?

What’s the Cost?

Let’s say that you have piqued the interest of a visitor by explaining what your product or service is and what the benefits of using it are.

At that point, they are invariably going to want to know how much it costs.

While you don’t necessarily need to slap your pricing up on the homepage, you should make sure that your visitors can find pricing information with a single click.

What Differentiates Your Brand From Others?

Many consumers want to know a little about your company’s story, history, team members, values, and so on.

That is why it is important to quickly differentiate yourself from other competitors and establish a unique brand identity.

Although it just wouldn’t be practical to put long-winded details on your homepage (this is usually reserved for your “About” page), it is still smart to show off what makes you special.

Can I Navigate Your Website With Ease?

Your average online surfer has the attention span of a gnat.

When it comes to navigation, it needs to be intuitive, and visitors should be able to get their bearings within a matter of seconds….not minutes.

Who Else is Using It?

Social Proof is a “psychology hack” that is used huge these days.

Consumers want validation of a product or service before they spend their hard-earned money on it.

If you are able to establish other notable customers or clients that are using your product or services, you are probably going to put a visitor’s mind to ease.

Can I Trust You?

Trust is huge!

With many shoppers having a healthy level of skepticism these days, it is absolutely critical that you are able to establish at least a baseline level of trust right off the bat.

If there is even a hint of doubt about your credentials or reputability, you can pretty much ensure that the bulk of visitors are going to leave.

How Can I Contact You?

Considering the fact that most of today’s shoppers are Internet savvy, you will want to include a way to contact you in a very conspicuous area that requires very little effort to find.

Forget placing it all the way at the bottom beneath the fold. A Managed Live Chat widget is the perfect way to handle this issue.

Try this quick test out on your website. Pretend you are a first-time visitor to your site and try to answer these 8 questions in less than 10 seconds.

Go ahead….I’ll wait….

How did you do?

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