The 5 Primary Benefits of Google Ads

While there are different types of campaigns that you can run on the Google Ads platform, the platform as a whole has unique benefits that should interest you as a business owner.

1. Purchase Intent

One of the primary benefits of the Google Ads platform is that its targeting often reflects purchase intent.

In other words, the audiences that you target with Google Ads campaigns have revealed their interest in a topic or product through their search terms.

As a result, Google Ads, by nature, are an effective method of tapping into EXISTING demand.

With that being said, it is important for you the advertiser to get into the minds of your target customer. What are they searching for? When are they searching for it?

Gaining insight in both areas will help you in the long run.

2. First Page of Google

If you are running Google search campaigns, your advertisement will be placed on the first page of Google’s search results. This is highly coveted real estate and, in especially competitive industries, ranking on the first page is nearly unattainable organically.

Therefore, paid search is a method of gaining the coveted exposure of Google’s first page of results.

By having your advertisement on the first page of Google search results, your business will gain credibility in the eyes of consumers. In addition, your advertisements will also be more likely to generate clicks than if they were placed in other channels.

3. Self-Optimizing

Another benefit of the Google Ads platform is that it offers machine learning features to the advertiser that will improve the effectiveness of campaigns over time. The more data the platform has, the better the placement of your advertisements will be.

Machine learning and self-optimization are becoming more commonplace in the marketing technology industry. Therefore, it is important that you implement them into your advertising strategy in order to effectively compete.

4. Clicks, Clicks, Clicks

Unlike other advertising platforms that often are priced by the number of impressions that your advertisement generates, you will only pay for the clicks that your advertisements generate. Therefore, you are guaranteed clicks and, in a way, you will only pay for results.

5. Drive Traffic

At the end of the day, Google ads campaigns will generate traffic to your website, which will increase your domain’s authority and increase awareness of your brand. Therefore, the benefits of Google Ads are somewhat multi-dimensional.

If you have calls-to-action and methods of lead capture strategically placed on your website, then you will be able to convert said traffic into leads. The name of the game from thereon is converting those leads into paying customers.

We Can Help You Launch Google Ads Campaigns

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