Should I use Facebook™ Ads or Google Ads?

What’s the difference between Facebook™ Ads and Google Ads? Which should you use in your business?

It’s a question I’m asked on a regular basis when I sit down with business owners to help them with their marketing:

“Which ad platform should I use?”

Well here’s the short answer…Unless you’re working with an unlimited ad budget, you should find the ONE channel that works best for your business and just do that. 90% of the time, EITHER Facebook™ OR Google ads will work better for you. Trying to do both will just waste your money and confuse your results. You only need one ad channel to work. There’s a huge advantage to simplicity. You don’t need to be everywhere. Only in front of your customers. The people that actually buy from you.

“But which one should I pick? Facebook™ or Google?”

Well, that depends…What are you doing right now to get customers? What is working right now? Running Google ads and they’re working for you? Do more Google – but do it better. Smarter. Bigger. Don’t do…what most people do is trying to run ads on every platform in existence.

If Google is working for you, and that’s where you’re getting customers/clients, then there are probably more customers on Google. They are much easier to reach than starting from scratch over on Facebook™. If Google is working for you… do more Google. You don’t need to be running ads on Facebook™ or Tik Tok. That’s called spreading your focus thin. Not to mention spreading your budget thin. Odds are, those other channels won’t work as well as what is ALREADY working. So double down on your winners. And do more winning.

“But what if I don’t have any winners yet?”
“My Google Ads aren’t working and my Facebook™ ads aren’t working. Which one should I double down on?” That also depends…What kind of offer do you have? What kind of product or service do you sell? And to who?

Here’s a simple rule…

If they know what they are looking for – use Google.
If they don’t know what they are looking for – use Facebook™.

Let me explain…

See every second of every day, 40,000 people are searching for something on Google and millions of these people are consumers in hunt mode, looking for products and services. That’s a lot of potential customers! So if you sell a product, service, or brand that people already KNOW about and are actively looking for, use Google. If you sell or provide a solution to a problem that people know that they have, use Google.

Google works when people KNOW what they want and are looking for a product or service PROVIDER. So, if I sell pest control or car parts, then my best bet is to get in front of people actively looking for pest control of car parts, and convince them that I’m the company they should choose to buy from.

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