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So you have probably gone to a company’s website to find out more about them but left before you connected with them. You could
have gotten distracted, run out of time, whatever. Then, the next day, you were checking to see what the weather was going to be like and BOOM there’s an ad from the company you were looking at the other day. That’s Retargeting!

If you are business owner, Retargeting is a great tool to invite web surfers who may not have engaged with your website the first time they visited to come back. This would dramatically increase the likelihood of then connecting with your business. A few benefits of having Retargeting on your website:

  • Ads targeted to consumers who have been actively searching for products and services, improving efficiency of targeting
  • Consumers typically are farther along in the Purchase Process when exposed to retargeting ads.
  • Graphic display ads are delivered in less competitive ad environment than search result pages
  • Site retargeting allows you invite visitors back to your site who may have left without acting
  • Ads appear on popular, premium sites along Big Brands, elevating your profile
  • Increases “frequency” of your exposure to potential client

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