Online Reviews: Why are they so important?

Importance of Customer Feedback

What can Online Reviews do for your business? They can:

Influence page rank up to 10%

Increase website visits up to 25%

Showcase success with positive reviews

Gain the trust of clients with real feedback

Online reviews are one of the best ways to keep track of customer experiences and impressions. But even if a business has a good relationship with its customers, it takes time to build a strong base of online reviews without help.

You really should respond to each and every online review that your company gets. By responding to online reviews you are thanking and acknowledging your customers for their feedback, just as you would if they were to compliment your business in person. A response to a negative review is for the benefit of anyone seeing that review, not just the reviewer. It shows the business is aware of any issues their customers may be experiencing and that they are actively working to resolve these issues.

Do you have a plan to consistently get new reviews?

Do you know every time your company gets a new review (Good, Bad or Indifferent)?

Do you respond to every review you get in a timely manner?

Our Review Management platform can be your solution to all of these questions.

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