How to Ruin Your SEO in 2 steps

With Q2 coming up, it’s a fresh slate to make up for a slow start in 2022. But only if you take the right actions now.

BUT if you don’t, things will continue on the same path you’re on now.

You could consider Google Ads as a quick hit, short-term solution, or a more foundational tactic like Search Engine Optimization. You can read more about how to decide which of these tactics would be best for your business in this previous blog post.

There are a few common problems we see that really hold people back with SEO…

The biggest one is thinking…

1. “I don’t really need SEO”

A lot of businesses have grown on “referrals” or “organic” growth alone. 

And some even are proud to say “we haven’t spent a dime on marketing.

This is one of the key phrases for businesses that are on the verge of being wiped out. 

There is no award for not spending money on marketing. 

The only reward is the PROFIT in your bank account. 

In fact, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you have a solid strategy that’s consistently bringing in traffic, leads, and sales.

Everyone is using Google the moment they are looking to buy.

I mean, in your own life, where do you go to find out if a restaurant is open? To solve your problems? To find someone to fix your air conditioning? 

If you’re not showing up there… you’re missing out.

Not just today. You’re missing out next month, next year, and for the life of your business…

… until it gets handled.

The second biggest block holding people back is….

2. “I’ll do it myself”

Have you ever tried to do some SEO yourself, hoping for the traffic to come rushing in?

Or maybe you bought some links and checked your rankings daily waiting for your results to kick in?

And then? Nothing!

This is why a lot of people claim SEO doesn’t work.

It’s the equivalent of going to the gym, doing 15 sit-ups, and then checking the mirror for their ripped abs.

This is going at SEO with the wrong plan and essentially dumping time & money down the drain.

SEO can be a sales rocketship, delivering traffic and leads every day…. for free.

But only if you get serious about it and go at it with a PLAN. 

And if you do… you’re traffic could look like this:

Your customers are online right now. They are sitting on their computers all day searching Google for solutions to their problems.

Are you showing up where you want to be? 

If you aren’t, we can help you.

In fact, we’ve helped lots of businesses get their SEO going, even if they’ve never done it before.

We want to help you IGNITE your SEO.

Want to talk about an SEO battle plan for you specifically?

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