How to Maximize Your Holiday Campaign Planning with Addressable Geo-Fencing

With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, retailers are making preparations for this annual revenue windfall. And with 2021 holiday retail sales expected to increase by 7-9% as compared to the 2020 season, it is essential that retailers be prepared to leverage effective digital ad campaigns to capture these consumer dollars.

So, what does this mean for advertisers this holiday season? The way people shop and how to best reach consumers with advertising is changing rapidly, leading even the most seasoned holiday marketers to reevaluate their strategies. In other words, marketers must tap into the most advanced digital advertising solutions available so that they are well-positioned for success during the year’s biggest revenue opportunity.

Reach the Right Audience this Holiday with Addressable Programmatic

Broad, overgeneralized audience targeting is problematic at any time but can be particularly harmful during the holidays when so much retail revenue is at stake. A crucial thing to keep top of mind is that not all holiday consumers are alike. Advertisers need to target audiences in a way that accounts for the fact that each consumer represents a distinct set of tastes, preferences, etc. The answer is household-level targeting. The Addressable Programmatic solutions offered by WAY Nation Solutions let advertisers reach consumers household-by-household on a national scale. This means campaigns can take into account the various ways one household differs from another, translating to less wasted impression, higher ROI, and most importantly a more personalized and useful holiday ad experience.

Addressable Geo-Fencing: The Ultimate Targeting Solution for the Holiday Shopping Season

As the most granular location-based targeting solution on the market,’s Addressable Geo-Fencing lets advertisers build holiday campaigns that target at the address level across multiple devices seen within each household, including mobile, desktop, and OTT/CTV devices. WAY Nation Solutions has built this solution with unparalleled precision and scale to be an effective targeting solution for any sized advertiser who is looking to run national campaigns at the address level and effectively reach every screen within each desired household. The end result: relevant holiday ad campaigns that reach each household based on their individual wants and needs.

And rather than relying on the limited effectiveness of IP-based targeting, our Addressable Geo-Fencing uses actual GPS and plat line data (derived from property tax and public land survey information) to precisely target the desired households with mobile, video, and/or OTT/CTV ads. The WAY Nation Solution cross-device graph associates all of the devices within a household, thereby linking mobile, tablets, desktops, and connected TVs. This makes it easy to reach users across all of their devices and enables advanced attribution metrics which we will cover below.

And with the Addressable Audience Curation (AAC) tool from WAY Nation Solutions, advertisers’ ability to reach ideal consumers household-by-household reaches a whole new level of granularity. AAC allows advertisers to curate addressable audiences in real-time using location data and 700+ demographic parameters such as household income, purchase history, retail locations visited, life events, age, and more. Once the ideal audience has been curated for each market, you can then utilize WAY Nation Solutions’ industry-leading Addressable Geo-Fencing solution to reach users at the household level.

For example, a retailer looking to sell upscale winter coats to a middle-aged clientele during the holiday season could target “affluent shoppers ages 35-44” across multiple locations in the U.S. By tapping into this unparalleled household-level targeting solution, the retailer can curate addressable audiences based on location data and over 700+ demographic variables that fit ideal clients for this retailer. Once the audience is curated in real-time, it then can be easily uploaded into our platform for targeting via our Addressable Geo-Fencing solution.

Powering Your Holiday Campaigns with OTT/CTV Advertising

This holiday season, don’t miss out on the fastest-growing channel for reaching relevant consumers. The Addressable OTT/CTV solution from WAY Nation Solutions allows advertisers to utilize our unparalleled addressable programmatic capabilities to deliver advanced TV advertising at the household level nationwide. For holiday advertisers, this is the most precise, granular, and scalable way to serve video creative to individual households via OTT/CTV devices. This solution also has the added capability of targeting either the big screen in the living room and/or small screens such as mobile devices and tablets. When consumers across the country are watching streaming holiday content, WAY Nation Solutions lets you get your ads to millions of CTV households.

And just as with Addressable Geo-Fencing, we use GPS and plat line data to target physical addresses so that only the right households and devices get targeted. This means significantly better ROI and less wasted impressions since each household can be targeted individually and distinctly based on different factors.

Proving out ROI with Advanced Attribution Capabilities

Now more than ever, advertisers want to know exactly what they are getting for their advertising dollars. This is especially important during the holiday season when every dollar must count towards capturing revenue.

With WAY Nation Solutions, holiday advertisers can see how each household responds to digital ads, and adjust and optimize accordingly. See the full array of our attribution capabilities below.

Attribute Online Browser-Based Conversions for Any Size Campaign:

Track online conversions, such as visiting an advertiser’s website, completing a form-fill, adding a product to a shopping cart, purchasing a product, and more.

Real-Time Foot Traffic Attribution and Lift Reporting for Any Size Campaign:

This type of reporting can be deployed on all campaigns, including OTT/CTV. This is true store-level reporting for campaigns ranging from one location to thousands.

Addressable Campaign Conversion Reporting at Zip+4 Level:

With this reporting, advertisers get actionable data and insights on campaign performance as granular as one side of a street or specific floors in multi-floor buildings.

CTV Device-Level Delivery and Performance Reporting:

This lets advertisers target and report on specific CTV devices consumers are accessing, providing actionable data and insights on web-enabled content consumption access points.

Savvy marketers are already preparing for the 2021 holiday shopping rush. Make sure you have the industry’s most powerful audience targeting solutions ready to go and don’t let broad, overgeneralized audience targeting cause you to miss out on revenue this holiday season. To execute the most effective holiday ad campaigns with WAY Nation Solutions’ Addressable Programmatic solutions, reach out to us at