How to Get More Leads from Google My Business

WAY Nation Solutions is excited to introduce the Google My Business Messages feature.

With our new Google My Business Messages feature, visitors can chat with your business via Google Search and inside the Google Maps app.

Our live agents can chat with these visitors on your behalf, collecting valuable lead info in the process.

Turn Your Local Searches Into Sales

Capturing organic leads from local searches has never been easier. Our live agents turn your search queries into sales conversions by directly qualifying conversations and connecting customers to your physical location with this new feature.

Reduce Expensive Phone Calls

Tired of getting flooded with calls from Google Maps and Google Search queries? Unlock the “Messaging” button inside Google Maps to let customers message you whenever they want, wherever they are.

Our live agents act as the first point of contact for your Digital and physical stores, escalating only complex and urgent queries to you and your team.

Connect Your Physical Store to Your Digital Customers

Provide a seamless shopping experience with our live chat agents that connect online shoppers to in-store associates, routing queries based on expertise or departments.

By integrating shopping experiences between your brick-and-mortar store and Digital store, you reduce friction in the Customer Journey.

Get Started Today

Generate additional leads with Google My Business. Optimize your business with our live chat agents that turn local search queries for your business into new website traffic and qualified leads.

To find out how to activate this revolutionary new feature reach out to us today: