Google Business Profile Tips for Real Estate Agents

Should a realtor use their home address or the office address?

Real estate agents should almost always use their home address and avoid using the office address for their brokerage.  If you’re worried about privacy, Google has it set up so that you can hide your address (you are what they call a “service area business“). Using the real estate brokerage address will likely cause filtering issues since there are dozens of other realtors using the same address. For example, in a recent audit that we did for a realtor, we found that they weren’t ranking because there were over 20 different realtors currently listed at the same address that he was using.

Additionally, it’s very hard to get the listing verified because Google sees that there are already tons of listings in that category at that address and will often throw it into a pending state.

Are realtors allowed their own Google Business Profile?

Realtors qualify for practitioner listings so every real estate agent can have their own listing. This is only a good idea if they use a home address, or it will just be filtered and is unlikely to rank anywhere.

Did you know that Google is also fine with a realtor having more than 1 listing? In this thread, Google confirmed that they were fine with a realtor having a listing both at his home and his office.

How should a realtor list their business name on the Google Business Profile?

Although we find that real estate agents typically get more organic traffic than from the local pack results, you can use the Google Business Profile listing to target branded searches (ex: Remax agent).  Large real estate brands can often get more search volume than non-branded keywords.  For example, many of the top keywords listed in Google Business Profile insights can include words like “Remax”.

We usually recommend including the brokerage name in the title if they work for a well-known brand unless the brokerage has rules that say you can’t.  Although this would technically help the agent, some brokerages don’t like this because it means the listing for the brokerage is now competing with the agents.

What keywords should realtors target?

The keywords that trigger local packs are ones containing the brokerage name (Keller Williams, Remax, etc), realtor, or real estate agent.  Terms like “homes for sale” or “real estate” do not show local pack results.

  • It’s super important to target both “realtor + city” AND “real estate agent + city”.  “Realtor” has about 3x more activity than Real Estate Agent*.  However, according to Joseph Lee, “realtor” on its own is not a good keyword to target because it doesn’t convert.  When asked which converts better (“real estate agent” vs “realtor”), he responded with:
    • “100% real estate agent.  The first problem with “realtor” is that when you run it in Google Ads it is matched ( search terms ) to real estate ( not real estate agent ). The synonyms for that term are huge[…] The second and more important fact is this – it does not convert.
  • The brokerage name should be in the title tag at the end.
  • An example title tag that would be good to use:
    • Real Estate Agents in Chicago – Realtors Near You – Brokerage Name
  • State terms get searched a lot and variations of neighborhoods & areas (ex: northern colorado) so these terms should probably have their own page but can also be optimized for realtor & real estate agent terms.

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