FREE Local Business Online Toolkit: Social Media Management

Everything a local business needs to succeed online

WAY Nation Solutions is here to help local businesses affected by COVID-19 to succeed online with the FREE Local Business Online Toolkit — available now!

The FREE Toolkit includes online communication tools to help businesses sell online, and stay connected to communities they serve.

It includes Reputation Management, Online Presence & SEO and Social Media Management.

Today’s Feature is Social Media Management

With Social Media Management you can communicate the messages that matter with your community and customers. Post on Facebook and Google My Business instantly or schedule them for a later day.

To make posting even easier, there’s a variety of post templates that can easily be edited and published.

Plus, robust reporting that allows you to monitor the reach and engagement of your posts across all networks.

An unbeatable social strategy starts with the perfect post

Managing your company’s Social Media can often feel like challenging and extensive work. Posting to a variety of networks takes time and effort that you could be spending growing your businesses’ revenue or finding new clients. With Social Marketing you can save time and post to multiple networks from one, simple to use social media marketing platform.

Efficiently schedule social media posts to the most popular networks including: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Google My Business.

You can create a Fanbase. Social Marketing makes connecting with and building audiences easier than ever! With ready to publish content, post scheduling, and in-depth analytics, you’ll have all the tools you could need to build strategies and develop real fans.

You can find new customers. Discover new customers and find out what current customers are saying about your clients business. With this powerful social media marketing platform you can easily conduct lead searches and follow up without ever having to leave the product.

You can engage with the community. Social Marketing enables you to help you build deeper relationships with their customers. Discover and respond to comments and mentions made by your fans from one convenient location.

You will have an all-in-one composer and scheduler. Effectively manage and schedule your posts through the easy-to-use composer. Post the same content to multiple networks or customize by account.

You will even have a stream of industry-related content. You can easily pull in your favorite and new RSS feeds to discover great content for your social media posts.

You will have detailed post performance. You can measure the metrics that you need to care about with rich engagement statistics. Maintain complete oversight of all networks from this social media marketing platform.

Also, you will have thousands of stock images at your fingertips to make your posts pop with our integration with PixaBay.

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