Do You Need To Pay For Business Listings?

Being able to list your business in online directories for free may lead you to believe that you do not need to pay for business listings. However, the truth about business listings is that they require care. If they are incomplete, then they will not be effective at attracting customers.

Furthermore, if they are not properly managed, they can get out of control. The last thing that you want is for your business information to be in chaos. Therefore, business listings management services were created to help business owners manage and protect their information from a single platform.

Worst Case Scenarios

Despite the obvious worst-case scenario of your business having no listings anywhere on the web, there is another worst-case scenario when it comes to your business’ information. Your business could have many listings yet all of those listings provide different information, most of which is inaccurate. Therefore, while not having your business’ information anywhere on the web offers your business zero value, having incorrect information on the web will hurt you.

Business Information Is Chaotic

You may think that you only need to list your business in the major online directories, which does not require you to pay for business listings. However many smaller directories can pull information from larger directories. Therefore, your digital footprint may actually be bigger than you think. In this case, what you know may not be the full picture and that is dangerous when it comes to your business’ information.

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Business Listings Management Services Gives You Control

By having a business listings management service, you can monitor and manage all of your business’ information throughout the web from a single dashboard. In addition, you can update or suppress pieces of information. As explained, business listings are very fragile. In the case of Google My Business, if inconsistencies are detected, then the listing can be suspended. For a local business, this means losing your spot in the local pack for local searches.

Protect Your Image

You see. When consumers see inaccurate information on the web, you lose credibility. Search engines act a lot like people in that regard. Inconsistent information across the web can result in your listings being suspended. It can also hurt your SEO efforts due to a lack of credibility.
You Shouldn’t Go At This Alone

The long and short of it is that you could list your business by yourself for free in many directories. However, your listings will not be as effective as they could be with a paid business listings management service. You will sacrifice the reach offered by technology that automatically lists your business in a network of online directories throughout the web. Lastly, you will sacrifice the protection of match & lock technology.

When put in these terms, the question is no longer if you should pay for business listings management, but why you shouldn’t? After all, you pay for insurance for your car. Paid business listings management services act the same way. They protect your business’ data.

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