Geo Fencing

birds eye view city

So, I’m pretty sure that you have heard about GeoFencing. It’s a big buzzword in Digital Marketing circles right now.

In case you haven’t heard about GeoFencing here’s a quick overview:
Basically what we do is put up a virtual fence around an area for you. Then whenever a person with a mobile device enters that fence, we can capture their IP address allowing us to deliver Digital ads to them for 30 days. That sound pretty cool huh!?

A great example of this would be a furniture store. What WAY Nation Solutions could do is put a Geo Fence around several of your competitors stores as well as your own store. By doing that, we could capture the mobile IP addresses of customers that we know are in the market for furniture and deliver ads to them for your store.

Along with this laser-focused targeting, you will get a link to check on the performance of the campaign 24/7/365. The reporting will track impressions delivered, Clicks and also track the number of customer who have been delivered your ad and visit your store.

Sound interesting? Drop me an email to found out how Geo Fencing could work for your business.