Are you lighting money on fire with your Google Ads?

Does it feel like you’re lightning money on fire when running Google Ads?

I’m asking because I know it sure felt like that for me when I started running paid ads.

I’d sit down full of hope and optimism.

Do my keyword research. Look at some competitor’s ads. Work through some copy.

And then launch!

I’d check back a couple of days later and…Nothing.

Lousy click through rates and a bunch of wasted ad spend.

I didn’t understand, I thought I did everything right. But then I realized I had been doing the easiest part wrong.

I was sending traffic to the wrong place!

All my traffic was being sent to my homepage.

I didn’t think anything was wrong with it. After all, 90% of the ads I’ve ever clicked on take me to the business’s homepage.

And in reality, that is one of the last places you should be sending viewers.

I needed to be sending visitors to a landing page.


Landing pages are the best way to get a visitor to take one, specific action.

By sending them to my homepage, they had dozens of different options to click on and get distracted.

With a landing page, I was able to keep my layout super simple, with one main call to action front and center.

And what do you know, it worked.

My lead numbers shot up, click through rates skyrocketed, and most importantly I finally had revenue coming in from my ads.

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