A Prayer for Small Businesses

As a Christian business leader like you, I pray about my business a lot. I know we sometimes feel it is a selfish prayer to ask for help in our business, even in difficult times. But my understanding is that we are to pray without ceasing and to come to the Lord with our petitions, and to me, that includes our businesses.

I admit that I am pretty laser-focused in my prayers. I will pray for specifics, however, I usually include thanks, a prayer request, a plea to get me and my overcontrolling self out of the way, and in the end, a prayer for His will.

A Prayer For Business Owners

Lord, thank you so much for my business. I know, just like everything else, even my business comes from You. Help me to follow Your ways in my work so that I can honor You and glorify You.

Things are hard at times Lord, but I know You don’t promise us easy. I just pray, Lord, that when things are difficult, I can be a Godly leader. I pray I will not be overcome by fear and worry. I pray that I will stay the course and trust that the vision I have for my business is Your vision. I will try to treat others I encounter, be it team members, vendors, or customers, with love, respect, and integrity.

But, Lord, I can’t do it in my own strength, only in Yours.

I pray, Lord, that I can show perseverance and be a light to others. I know you call us to be a city on a hill. I pray that our business can set an example that by following You, even in the marketplace, that we will have an advantage.

I pray, Lord, that as I claim your promises from Matthew 6:26…

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

…that I can lay down the worry that Satan wants to plant in my mind and stray me from your path.

Lord, times are difficult, but I will stand strong and wait on you, Lord. Thank you for being here for me when fear threatens my resolve. I pray, Lord, that Your will be done, because I know that You love me and Your will is what is best.

I pray these things in Jesus great name,


Right now, I am also lifting up all who are reading this and praying God will show you His power, grace, and mercy over and in your business.

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