5 Things to do to increase you Social Media engagement

Is your business social media engagement really low? So, low in fact that you dread posting because you know that there won’t be much action?

Here are 5 things you can do to increase the interaction on your business social media, without having to pay for boosts and promotions.

1. Ask more questions – the surefire way to get more interaction is to ask for it! Make some of your posts questions to your potential customers. Ask them about topics related to your business. This is also a great way to get customer feedback!

2. Share humorous posts and memes – Relatable memes fly far on social media. Post memes that relate to what you do/sell (more niche’ specific the better), watch as your audience likes and re-posts the memes that you find.

3. Tell stories! – Antidotes that are interesting and share a bit of insight into your business also will boost engagement. Don’t be afraid to use your social media to give your customers a glimpse behind the curtain.

4. Run a contest or giveaway – Who doesn’t like to win a prize. Many business owners can boost engagement running giveaways on their social media. This also gives people a reason for people to follow you if you entice them with promotions and giveaways.

5. Share content other than your own – Not everything that you post has to be unique! Share content from other people in your community to build interaction and grow your network. If everyone shared more and collaborated on social local businesses would have a lot more visibility. Don’t be afraid to shout someone else out and share their stuff.

The Algorithm Loves Engagement!

Although we don’t suggest chasing vanity metrics ( likes and engagements alone ) we do know for a fact that the algorithm LOVES engagement. Engagement increases your organic reach and can lower the costs on your promoted ( paid for ) content.

Doing whatever you can to increase authentic engagement on your social is key to boosting your brand’s visibility! Taking the time to apply these 5 things will make a huge difference if your engagement rate is currently low.

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