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At WAY Nation Solutions, we get it.  I mean we totally get it. You opened your business because you love doing IT…whatever IT is.  

You know that your business needs to be able to be found easily online, but it all seems so complicated and all you really want to do is run your business.

That’s where WAY Nation Solutions comes in.  We will be your guide through the complicated world of online visibility and digital marketing.  

We know that there are a lot of less than transparent and sadly less than honest digital agencies out there.  We are so sorry if you have been taken advantage of by a digital agency that overpromised and underdelivered.  

At WAY Nation Solutions, we believe in complete transparency. All of our solutions come with a 24/7/365 reporting link.  We promise you will always know how to get a hold of us and we’ll always be in touch quickly. If something goes wrong, we’ll fix it right away.  We won’t just sell you something and disappear.
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Curious About Your Online Visibility?

Our Solutions include tactics to improve your Online Visibility, to drive traffic your website, to capture leads when they are there, or if your website isn’t really were it needs to be at…we can build a brand new eye catching, responsively designed site that is super search engine friendly.

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Meta (the parent company of Facebook) to Block Some Political and Religious ad targeting

Meta, the parent company to Facebook, last week said that starting January 19, it will no longer allow advertisers to select terms for ad targeting related to sensitive identifying traits, such as race, ethnicity, political affiliation, religion, or sexual...

What do the changes to Google My Business Mean to Your Business?

Google My Business is now known as Google Business Profile as Google migrates features to Maps and Search. Google is also rolling out more support for managing your business profile directly in Google Search and Maps.Google is renaming Google My Business to Google...

How to Use Google Local Service Ads for Your Business

Google Local Search Ads (also known as Google Local Service Ads) are pay-per-lead ads that appear at the top of the search results, above organic results and traditional Google Ads. To be included, a business must first pass a screening process that involves...

The Top 4 Reasons Why SEO Matters to the Success of Your Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing traffic to a website by obtaining high-ranking placements in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) — like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Although SEO is a broad term, there are basically two types of...

How to Maximize Your Holiday Campaign Planning with Addressable Geo-Fencing

With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, retailers are making preparations for this annual revenue windfall. And with 2021 holiday retail sales expected to increase by 7-9% as compared to the 2020 season, it is essential that retailers be prepared to...

9 Reasons Taking Vacation Matters

Here at WAY Nation Solutions we try to provide well rounded content to help our readers be better informed  to be better at business and better at life. This week’s blog doesn’t talk about Digital Marketing but another topic that is pretty much just as important....

Google Search Console Vs Google Analytics: 4 Critical Factors

At a time when eCommerce took off during the 1990s, the measurement of web traffic was first seen as the most significant means of deciding a website’s prominence. As advanced marketers got savvier, breaking down a website’s...

What Is Local SEO?

Let’s get straight to it—what is local SEO...and why should you care? Local SEO stands for “local search engine optimization”, and as any business knows, attracting local customers can be key to success or failure: They’re easier (and therefore cheaper) to reach...

When Best Practices for PPC May Not Be Best for YOUR Business

PPC marketers are often tempted to follow whatever platforms recommend as best practices, but too often these approaches hurt more than help. Ad platform interfaces pummel PPC advertisers with recommendations. Articles proliferate across the web proclaim the ideal...

What are Keywords and Why are They So Important?

We’re going to explore what we mean when we say ‘keywords’, and think about some of the concepts to keep in mind when putting together our own list of keywords. Why keyword research is important Keyword research is vital for successfully being found online. It heavily...


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